Karl Ronke’s ‘Comfort > Stretch > Panic’ model suggests that learning requires challenge and discomfort if we are to grow through experience and develop new skills.  We can stretch ourselves (challenge by choice), or experience situations which stretch us.

The problem with stretch is that we all have ‘elastic limits’ dependent on the situation.  Life’s rich stream of demands places many pressures on us and our capacity is dependent on an array of factors, many of which are obscured to the casual observer.

Beyond the elastic limits of stretch lies panic.  Panic through fear of the unknown, through fear of failure, fear of criticism etc.  Who in their right minds would take a beginning climber up a 1000’ exposed rock face?  We start small, we build confidence, we stretch – just enough (but not too much).

Panic involves real risk.  People may be put off by the experience and never return.  If we stretch just enough then hopefully we can reflect, consolidate, learn and return.

My interest is learning – deep learning – and the effective provision of credible training.  Deep learning is a component of exposure at the ‘edge of stretch’.  Tremendous personal growth stems from accessing these boundaries.

In this blog I comment on training and its relationship to the leadership, coaching and communications fields. If I can stimulate thought and promote discussion – perhaps even best practice – then I’ll be happy with what I write.